Thursday 13 October 19.00-21.00
Welcome Home / CCA / 350 Sauchiehall Street / Glasgow

Please join us at Welcome Home for the preview of Estética, a new collection of jewellery by Soizig Carey which explores geometric formulas, rotating movements and principally, the circle. ‘The circle is related to the divine: a simple circle has, since ancient times, represented eternity, since it has no beginning and no end.’ Estética will be on show at Welcome Home from Friday 14 October - Wednesday 9 November.

Soizig Carey is a designer maker based in Glasgow, specialising in contemporary hand crafted jewellery and objects. Soizig’s work is heavily influenced by narratives, architecture and graphics, integrating traditional and modern craft techniques. Using casting and etching processes, Soizig applies 2 dimensional imagery to precious metal forms which can be worn or serve as meaningful objects.

Come early for Prosecco and Williams Bros beer sponsored by Saramago bar!